Explore reviews from the survey of our nursery in Umm Suqeim!

Please read some of the reviews and testimonials we obtained from Kids Cottage Nursery and Kindergarten School in Dubai‘s latest survey:

“Being on our third child to attend Kids Cottage since January 2011 we are sincerely pleased with our time at their nursery in Dubai. A couple of words to describe our years would be – safe, warm, bright, explorational, happy, fun.” –Mrs. Naomi Danson

Kids Cottage Nursery Testimonials ~ The Best Nursery in Dubai“We would once again like to take this opportunity to thank you for providing an outstanding facilitation within which Joshua has been able to adapt so fast which has exceeded our expectations. We being new parents have had to explore and make number of visits in numerous nurseries in Dubai before we stopped at Kids Cottage Preschool Nursery, and within an hour, we along with Joshua felt the comfort and knew that this was what we were looking for. All the staff right from the management till the reception, have always welcomed us with affection and we feel so confident everyday to send our son to a place where he is being not only taken care of with your methods of development but also love, care and nurtured in every manner. Since Joshua has started the nursery he has advanced with his communication skills along with his confidence,grasping power and physical development.

Sincerely appreciate the efforts of all your staff towards the high level of approach shown in educating our son. ” –Mrs. Kenny Jerome

“My daughter currently attends Kids Cottage Nursery & Kindergarten School and is very, very happy here.  Their nursery in Dubai has a wonderful atmosphere, her teacher is outstanding and my daughter is learning in such a wonderful way, I truly applaud the Reggio Emilia approach here at Kids Cottage… It has to be the best nursery in Dubai!” –Mrs Y. Basson Hendrikz

“Kids Cottage Nursery & Kindergarten School has been the forming ground for two of our sons over the past 5 years. The dedication and one to one attention the staff give to the children really makes it more than just a nursery school. It has been a second home to our children and overall a very positive experience for our family. Truly the best nursery in Umm Suqeim Dubai! ” –Mrs Swan

“My son’s teacher had a true gift for connecting with each of he children in her classroom, and quickly got to know each child’s strengths and individual needs very well. She provided fantastic learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom for the kids, which embedded a natural curiosity about learning within each of them. She was firm but always fair, and there was a lovely atmosphere of calmness and kindness in her classroom at all times. She was also a fantastic support for all the mothers of the children in her classroom, and many of us did turn to her (and still do!) for information and advice on all things kid-related.” –Mrs Marjan

“My daughter attended Kids Cottage Nursery & Kindergarten School for 2 years and totally thrived during her time there.  The staff were wonderful, the environment was perfect for her and in turn, she loved going to nursery.  I would definitely recommend Kids Cottage as one of the top nurseries in Dubai.” –Mrs K. Edgar

What Makes Kids Cottage Nursery Special?

“Kids Cottage is special among the nursery and kindergarten schools in Dubai because people are friendly, they really take care of the children, speak with them and help them and their family to feel happy and secure.”

“Kids Cottage is special among the nursery and kindergarten schools in Dubai because everyone is warm and kind – especially with settling the children in, and to understand how hard it is for mums during those first days.”

“Kids Cottage is special among the nursery and kindergarten schools in Dubai because it provides a very loving environment. Teacher and other staff are always happy, kind and very helpful and friendly.”

“Kids Cottage is special among the nursery and kindergarten schools in Dubai because the staff makes any new person feel welcome and the atmosphere in Kids Cottage Nursery is great.”

Looking for the best nursery in Dubai?

Kids Cottage Nursery in Umm Suqeim, Dubai is part of the Kids First Group; responsible partners committed to providing excellent levels of childcare and daycare for preschool children at nursery school level throughout Dubai.

If you are looking for the best nurseries in Dubai and think that the Reggio Emilia approach implemented here at Kids Cottage Nursery would be the ideal preschool and learning environment for your little one, contact our nursery in Umm Suqeim and find out what makes us one of the best kindergarten schools and nurseries in Dubai!